Be A Volunteer &
Make A Difference

Just a few hours of your time & effort matters a lot!

Tomorrow, As you sit back & relax, You can wipe a happy tear,
As they rise higher and higher.

What You'll Get


Diverse Global Network

You can meet and connect with a wide web of resources, build your network of professionals, strengthen your leadership skills, and implement new ideas within our learning community

Skill Enhancement Training

Our organization provides monthly training and development programs – offline and online, conducted by various prominent faculties which can help you to gain an efficient volunteering insight and understanding.

Part-time Jobs

Are you someone who loves to share and explore the world of storytelling to inspire millions of people around you? Being a part of iLAB, you can be an amazing Storyteller and earn a part-time job as a Storyteller at Kabani Tour and Travels


Volunteership in iLAB can be used as a reference for joining and working in any of your favorite and dream job sectors and also in any social development organizations.

How Can You Create a Change

Just a few hours of your time & effort matters a lot!
Tomorrow, As you sit back & relax, You can wipe a happy tear, As they rise higher & higher!

Help them Earn A Skills and Unleash their Inner Potential
Nurture them to be a Responsible Citizens
Hold them Closer to the World of Learning
Cultivate Healthy Thought Processes
Educate Academics, Mental, Physical and Social aspects

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Words by Our Change Makers

iLAB as an organisation is very well structured and being part of it is worthy. I was mostly part of Mission Ten project, which indeed is a successful one. Adapting to the pandemic, we are still on ground with the online classes. It’s also a learning space for me as a facilitator. iLAB has contributed significantly to my growth as a responsible person.

Devika A

Student Facilitator

iLAB made me a “Change maker” ILAB while inspiring me to change the community for a better tomorrow by providing quality education to the marginalised students of payyanakkal coastal community, brought about significant impact by changing my perspective towards life and society.

Suhail M M

Student Facilitator

For a kid who lived 18 years in Saudi not knowing anything about real world, iLAB was a real eye opener in my life. Experiences and networks that I’ll cherish for a lifetime. iLAB was never a one way service but give and take process where you contribute to the growth of society and iLAB in turn contributes to our personal and professional growth.

Merlin Mathew

Donor Relations Lead